Building Seashore is a community effort and you can help in several ways.

We have several upcoming projects that really need some effort:

  1. 1.Most importantly we need people with Cocoa experience to fix bugs and add features to Seashore. Although Seashore is great, there are a huge number of features that we could add that people are asking for every day. These include:

  2. Full Vector support, including Shapes and Text layers

  3. Effects layers, non-Destructive effects using Core Image

  4. Performance needs vast improvement, specifically it could make much more use of multithreading

  5. Full scripting support for AppleScript and Automator

  6. 2.Secondly, there is a lot of work that can be done with file format support. Firstly, we need to implement PSD support. GIMP already has this, so it’s not insurmountable. Secondly, we need to bring XCF support in line with the latest version of GIMP. All of this work can be done if you don’t have a lot of Cocoa knowledge but know C, or possibly the GIMP codebase.

  7. 3.Third, Seashore is desperately lacking on the localization front. If you want to help out and only have minimal programming experience, you can provide a localization for Seashore.

  8. 4.Finally, we really need new high-resolution icons. If you are a graphic designer, you can really help Seashore by providing us with new, beautiful icons. This includes both the App and Document icons, as well as the tool icons and toolbar icons you see in the App.

If you are a developer and want to look at the code, you can download Seashore's code using Subversion. We encourage you to submit feature requests and we welcome your patches through our patch tracking system. If you would like to become a member of our SourceForge project you can submit a request to join at the developer forum.

If you are a graphics artist, we welcome examples of your work with Seashore through our patch tracking system. You are also welcome to join in and discuss how Seashore can better meet your needs by writing to our open forum.