Seashore is still undergoing development and may contain bugs so please make sure only to work on copies of important images and report any bugs you find.

The current preview version of Seashore is 0.5—this version is a major update to the UI and functionality (as you can see by the Screenshots). This version of Seashore requires a Mac running Mac OS 10.4.11 or later. It is a universal binary that will run on either a PowerPC or Intel Mac.

Seashore 0.5.1 (7.0 MB)

Fixed in the 0.5.1 update:

  1. - Corrected an issue where color spaces were not always respected.

  2. - Fixed an issue where some plugins would crash or not respect alpha transparency.

  3. - Fixed a problem where certain files (such as PDF) could not be opened.

  4. - Worked around a problem where certain color pickers would cause Seashore to crash at startup.

If you would like the latest stable version, that is 0.1.9. This version supports 10.3 – 10.5.

Seashore 0.1.9 (5.4 MB)